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The EDR Guarantee

EDR will refund your purchase price in full, with no questions asked, if you are not satisfied with our software. Please contact us and include your Registration Key number.

EDR Upgrade Policy

If you purchased the EDR after January 1, 2013, upgrade to the Current EDR is free. Just download and install the Current EDR version and your existing key will be accepted.

If you purchased the EDR after January 1, 2007, upgrade to the new 2008 EDR is free. Just download and install the 2008-EDR version and your existing key will be accepted.

If you purchased the EDR before January 1, 2007 or are using a version pre-paid by Littelfuse, we offer a discounted upgrade.

If you have a free EDR (pre-2003), there is no upgrade and you must purchase the full EDR to become current.

How can I tell if I qualify for a discounted upgrade?

Your registration code can tell you. Click here for “Finding and Interpreting an EDR Registration Level”

Can I go back to the 2005 or 2008 version if I decide not to upgrade?

Yes. At any point, you can download and re-install the 2005 EDR from this link:  https://www.edreference.com/UpdateEDR/Release.EdrInstall.5.0.4.exe

You can download and re-install the 2008 EDR from this link:  https://www.edreference.com/UpdateEDR/Release.EdrInstall.8.2.2012.exe

Purchasing EDR Software

Using EDR Software

Privacy Statement
We collect no information, use no cookies. We do not share or sell information.
What versions of Windows are supported?
The EDR Program supporting both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows-7, 8, 10 and 11. Sorry, there are no Apple nor Android versions..
If I purchase a Registration Key, will it expire?
Any purchased Registration Key will not expire.
Can I buy a single machine?
We have tried various combinations and have decided to follow the industry lead of allowing 2 installations of the EDR. Preferably your desktop machine and a laptop.
Can the software be removed from one computer and placed another?
Yes, un-install the EDR from the first machine and install on the second. Use the same registration key.
Can we use a check or Purchase Order?
The primary payment system is the online use of a credit card. We have no purchase-order/credit facility, but you can pay by check.

Send a check to:

C&E Electronic Publishing
Attn. Lori - MailOrder
7 Sears Road
Wayland, MA 01778

Include your email address with the check so we can send your Registration Key after check is cleared.

When I purchase, is the software good for life or is there an annual fee?
The license is one-time, fully paid. No maintenance fee.
Is it safe to buy online?
A critical concern for online customers is the secure transmission and storage of credit card data. To protect your credit card data, EDR uses VeriSign's secure order processing. VeriSign uses the latest SSL encryption technology. VeriSign stores sensitive transaction information on secure systems that cannot be accessed through the Internet. VeriSign's servers have never been broken into or compromised. EDReference does not process or store your credit card data on our server.
I just downloaded EDR and I am getting an error message of out of memory
1 Gigs of memory should be plenty, but we do take a lot of "low" memory because of the Microsoft DLLs that get attached to our code.

This means that you could have a shortage if you have a bunch of resident programs (those ones that are in the lower-right toolbar) such as IE, Fax programs, OCR, MS Office Finder, Virus Checkers, PGP, Real Player, Instant Messaging, AOL root, etc... Most of these start automatically when you boot. You can find them by running MsConfig (Start-Run-MsConfig). Look at the Startup tab for the list of things that start automatically. You'll be shocked. You can disable them by unchecking the box. If you have these and can turn them off, it frees up room in memory (this also speeds up many other programs that are memory "squeezed").

I have a series voltage drop street lighting situation, 120/240 volt 3-wire circuit with each light fixture on alternating hot legs all using the common neutral.  How can I use EDR to solve this problem?
The EDR handles the problem as if each load was placed across the 240V, however the error is usually not significant of you have several lights. Remember that in reality if there were an equal number of lights on each L-N all the current would all be on the phase lines just as if it were 240V. Your error is only in the last luminaire as the upstream luminaires will balance out.

Another approach is to enter a pair of loads as a single load at the distance of the second load. Lets assume for simplicity, 100 ft spacing and 500va L-N loads. Enter them as 1000 VA at 200 foot spacing. This creates a slightly more severe condition, but not a large error. This is my personal practice in using the program.

Is there is a way to convert the EDR Software to work with European standards (215V, 400V etc., plus 50Hz)?
The simple answer is "no" -- the tools are only preset for US standards. The voltage can be typed in to be any voltage, but the 50 Hz and metric wire sizes are not available.

This is an area that we are studying for future releases.

How do I transfer an existing registration key to a new machine, or a reformatted hard drive?
With all paid registrations you may transfer your EDR at no cost.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the EDR on the new machine, run the EDR and enter your registration key.

Feel free to contact us with other questions!

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