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EDR Software Tools New Software!
EDR 11.2 (Current version)

Download EDR Software

The most recent version is EDR 11.2 (Feb 20, 2023)
Click here to download the EDR 11.2 install program (15 mega-bytes) The Current EDR can also be unlocked with a late 2008 EDR registration key (purchased Jan 2013 or later).

What is new in Version 11.2 ?

  • Faster Computation

What is new in Version 11.1 ?

  • Updated for NEC-2011
  • Faster Computation

When you download the EDR program, you will automatically receive all active modules:
  • AC/DC voltage drop calculator, for VD%, size, or length
  • Voltage Drop Calculator for a series of roadway or area lights
  • Fault current calculator, calculates complete radial systems
  • Motor fusing and motor circuit design, three phase and single phase
  • Transformer fusing, three phase and single phase
  • Capacitor kVAR Calculator

If you have trouble downloading, please contact us.

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