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Instructor's Page

If you are a staff electrical instructor for a recognized school, we would be pleased to send you a free registration key at no charge.

The EDR was written as an educational tool as well as a working tool for everyday electrical calculations. It contains a wealth of very understandable electrical theory, calculation examples and advice from experienced electrical professionals.

The EDR provides unique and extensive guidance and information on overcurrent protection for motors and transformers, design of motor circuits, fault current calculations and AC/DC voltage drop.

Students should learn that manual calculations are a thing of the past and that low cost computer software can make their job both easier and will help increase their confidence in what they are doing. As an example, one of the most common calculations that must be made by electrical designers is the voltage drop to the last lighting fixture in a large parking lot. This time consuming calculation is reduced by the EDR from hours to mere minutes. Not only is this involved calculation made easy with the EDR, but the EDR generates a complete printout and record ready for submittal to plan check. Calculations are at the heart of all electrical work and their execution should be as painless as possible.

To receive an instructor’s free registration key please send us an Email providing the following information. Please note that we must limit this offer to listed instructors from recognized schools.

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Teaching Position:
  3. Course or Courses Taught:
  4. Full Name of School:
  5. School’s Email and Mailing Address:
  6. Web site URL:

We can only email a free registration key to a School’s email address, not to a business or private email address.

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