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What Electrical Designers say about the EDR !

I have recently downloaded this package from your website and have to tell how happy I am that I did. It makes my life so much easier having one place to go to for such everyday practical applications. Thank you for this excellent source of handy electrical design tools. You can count on me to spread the word. I plan to have all of our electrical designers using this in the near future.
Frederic R. Davis, Associate, Becht Engineering Co. Liberty Corner, NJ

There is not a day that goes by that I don't use the EDR program. It has been the best thing since sliced bread, it has been an incredibly useful tool, many, many thanks to the EDR development staff. I also loaded it onto my laptop as I don't want to be without it, wherever I am. Again, many, many thanks
Hugh Montague, Electrical Designer, T&M Associates, Middletown, New Jersey

I have many tools available for my electrical design work, some old, some new, and I count the EDR suite among them. It is particularly useful for quick answers to "spot" questions, allowing me to get answers on the fly during design/drafting. The way you have placed advertising within the program seems ideal for reaching designers while they are making design decisions ...Advertiser should be breaking down your doors!
Eric Sandel, PE. , Electrical Engineer, SA Engineering, Truckee, CA

Our staff of eight electrical engineers has been using the EDR program for several years now. We have found it to be easier to use than other products we have, especially for the majority of the commercial and small industrial design projects. We have also used the series voltage drop program for some of our freeway lighting designs. EDR is user friendly and the print outs are clear - we have submitted them as part of our basis of designs for projects that require such submissions. Reviewers have not questioned the results.
Ron Katahara, PE., MK Engineers, Honolulu, Hawaii

Our firm has several copies of Power Tools for Windows and we find that for most jobs it is easier to use EDR for fault current calculations. The numbers are pretty close to the same, but the data input time is less than half. Additionally, the series voltage drop calculator is extremely useful. We use it extensively for parking lot lighting calculations. Great job on putting together a very useful tool. Thank You.
Mark McMicheal, PE., Hoffman Engineers, Spokane, Washington

I found this product to be extremely easy to use. Within minutes I started using and understanding the program. It gives the results in a professionally printed style, suitable for presenting to clients. I also checked the answers by hand calculations and was satisfied with the accurate results. I am now using it for determining wire sizing of long runs of parking lot lighting and high bay lighting for my current projects. I have recommended using this product to electrical engineers and electrical contractors. Good luck with your excellent product and thank you for providing it.
Anthony D. Vi dana PE., Vidana Electrical Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada

I have used the EDR during the past year and have been very happy with the easy of use and the quick answers I get. I just started with a new Consulting Engineering Company here in Tucson and would like to pass the EDR around to the other team members. I am sure they will be interested. I have been using a version of EDR I got from an engineer a long time ago. I have always been happy with it.
Rebecca "Becky" Petermann, Electrical Designer, Stantec Consulting, Tucson, AZ

EDR is very useful and greatly reduces time. I use it for sizing motor conductors and fuses, etc. The code references are very helpful to new engineers as well.
Karl F. Miller, PE., Electrical Engineer, Henneman, Raufeisen & Assoc., Inc., Champaign, IL

I LOVE EDR! Seriously, EDR has been a great help in doing preliminary voltage drops. Give Richard N. a "thanks" for leading us to EDR.
Al Weaver, Senior Electrical Engineer, Nofsinger Burns & McDonnell Process Division, Kansas City, Missouri

I started to have access to EDR only a few weeks ago and I found it very useful. As a matter of fact one of the manufacturers recommended it to us. Keep the good work...
Juan Bauza, Electrical Engineer, Spillis Candela DMJM, Coral Gables, Florida

I am very impressed with the assistance that this software provides me in the design and selection of electrical systems and subsystems. As I use it more, it becomes more helpful to me. I am presently using it to analyze the electrical system for a large hospital complex. A very good resource.
Wayne T. Bonhag, PE, Principal, Bonhag Associates, PLLC, Lebanon, New Hampshire

I am a design engineer for commercial and industrial buildings. I have used other software before for voltage drop and fault current analysis and can honestly say I prefer yours over the others. I use your software exclusively and will continue to do so. Thanks.
John Carew, Electrical Engineer, Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

My interest in EDR lies in the fact that I can learn the most appropriate means for reaching a solution to a problem. Not only in arriving at the engineering solution, but also being able to confidently specify a particular make and model number of an item to use in this solution. I find EDR an excellent tool, and will gladly specify equipment advertised in the EDR which is backed up by the technical data appropriate to that equipment's intended application.
Carl Tamm, Electrical Designer, CYTO Meridian, Inc., Jonesburough, Tennesse

The EDR has helped us a lot in designing our projects. We were able to achieve a 25% reduction in design time through the use of this powerful tool. Thanks to EDR.
Ronaldo I. Carreon, Kimberly-Clark Philippines Inc. PC-Engineering, Electrical Section

I design lighting and power distribution systems for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Consequently, I have evaluated several commercial electrical calculation programs in an effort to streamline the necessary calculations. It is my opinion that the modules that you are currently offering are superior to any of the commercial software programs that I have used to date. I hope that you will continue to support this software and add new modules.
John Chapman, Electrical Designer, Michael’s Engineering, La Crosse, Wisconsin

I use EDR on a regular basis. It's an excellent program. Thanks.
Robert Coslow, Engineer, NSPE, Capital Development Board, Springfield, Illinois

I think the software is incredibly useful --- I would like to see even more features such as voltage drop at higher voltages.
John F. Crawford, Electrical Engineer, Dames & Moore, Albuquerque, NM

We use EDR routinely to check fault currents, voltage drops and motor control components for new electrical distribution designs.
Dave Woracek, Electrical Engineer, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Federal Way, Washington

My group provides maintenance and engineering support to some 3600 USPS facilities within a four state area(TX,LA,OK,AR). I am very impressed with your software. I think you have a winner, keep adding more reference material.
David Murphy, General Engineer with the USPS, Headquarters Unit, Dallas, Texas

I have been using the EDR software package for about two to three months and am very impressed. I have been using the software to calculate fault currents and selecting the proper overcurrent protection for transformers and downstream equipment. It is now a simple process to calculate fault currents, voltage drops, conductor sizes and the proper over current protection. I would recommend this package to anyone who has the need for these types of applications. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to use EDR.
Ed Ferree, Chief Engineer, NSSP, Unalakleet, Alaska

We found out about this software only about two weeks ago when Littelfuse reps came out to show us new products. Every engineer present got excited about looking at a new software tool for basic electrical design work. I just happened to be the first one in this office to come to the part of the project where I needed to use these tools. What you have put together so far looks great. I can quit using at least two of the spreadsheets we had previously built in an effort to do at least part of what your utilities are doing so much better.  Thanks!
Gene Hall, Electrical Designer, Professional Consultants, Inc., Evansville, Indiana

I am an electrical control panel designer for an OEM. I am pleased with the EDR software. I use it often in my work. I hope that I will be able to receive updates in the future so that I will be able to continue using this software. Thank You.
Patrick Gore, Electrical Designer, US Filter, Thomasville, Georgia

I use EDR often for sizing cables, checking design submittals, sizing fuses. EDR would be even more useful if it helped me find distribution products (cables, panels, transformers, switches, meters... etc.) then I would have only one application that would tie my calculated information to real world physical products.
Michael L. Gorski, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, San Diego, CA

Thank you for spending all the time and effort in producing the EDR. It is an extremely valuable tool that I use daily in the production and analysis of our electrical systems designs. Thanks!
John Heck, PE., Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers, Albuquerque, NM

It is nice to hear about new modules, since I have the EDR, I only work with the EDR for all my electrical projects. I work throughout the Mexican Republic, building gas stations, and all the projects I have developed with EDR has been accepted by the Mexican Electrical Authorities.
Juan Gama, Technical Manager, Servicion Aplicado a Gasolineras, Queretaro, Mexico

The EDR modules are fantastic. Once I showed our design office the programs, they all wanted them. I hope to utilize more of them in the near future.
Steven Kemp, P.Eng, Ritenburg & Associates Ltd., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

I use the EDR reference everyday in my job as do other employees in my department. I have also passed on the information to other members of our industry and I know that they are using EDR daily. We all find both the information and the calculations very useful. Thank You.
Ted Kitson, CEI, CEFI, CARI., Senior Electrical Inspector, P.E.I. Canada.

It is the best electrical calculation program I have seen.
Larry Ott, PE., Senior Electrical Engineer, PEI, West Chicago, Illinois

I am letting you know that the EDR software is very useful in the day to day design requirements. Keep them coming!
Robert Martino, PE., CDM Co., Cambridge, Massachusetts

One of the services our firm offers is Time-Current Coordination and Short Circuit Analysis studies. We typically use SKM's Power Tools For Windows. It offers extremely comprehensive computer-based calculation methods particularly well-suited to large, complex system analysis and reports. On the other hand, another portion of our work consists of relatively small projects and tasks not requiring such a powerful program. This is where EDR comes in very handy. When a "quickie" voltage drop or short circuit calc is needed, we click the EDR desktop icon and we're speedily on our way to easy-to-use, accurate results, perfect for these smaller projects. We appreciate the time and expertise the EDR folks have put in to make this convenient product available to electrical design professionals, and wish them every success producing more of the same valuable product.
Mike Ososki, Project Engineer, Barnett Consulting Engineers, Inc. Norcross, GA

I just wanted to say how useful the EDR software is. I completed a street lighting project in our area and using the series voltage drop module I was able to save valuable time in calculating voltage drop. As a matter of fact, using the software, I was able to reduce my conductor sizes. Now this would have taken hours to do by hand. Yes, I would say EDR is a necessity for me. Looking forward to next release.
Pete M. Garcia, Electrical Designer, The Garcia Group, Fort Worth, Texas

The EDR software is very good and easy to use. It would be helpful if you also had a circuit breaker manufacture provide information similar to the fuse data. Thanks
Richard Golberg, PE., ARES Corporation, Richland, Washington

Keep up the good work with EDR software, I can now get information at the touch of a button, saving valuable time.
Azim Rawji, Electrical Engineer, Allied Consulting Engineering Services, Framingham, MA

I ran across your web site in a search for information on fault current calculations. The software is just what I wanted. I have put your site in my "favorites" and am going to add it to my companies "Useful links". Keep up the good work.
Jon Reuter, Electrical Work, Inc., Long Beach, California

The EDR is a very important tool. It makes specifying wire, breaker and fuse sizes much easier. It's easier than having to search for the calculators on the Internet. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Aaron J. Samuelson, Electrical Engineer, HNTB, New York, New York

Thank you for providing the EDR software. The package is very useful, particularly for quick calculations. In the two months since I got the software, I have used it for several projects. I used to use a Buss reference for motor protection, but now the EDR motor protection function speeds that process up considerably. The calculators allow the fast comparison of different approaches to a task. The series voltage drop calculator is probably the most time saving of the calculators. It takes a matter of minutes to look at a parking lot lighting circuit. The learning curve for the software is very short. My first series voltage drop took me less than 15 minutes for a 20 segment circuit. I hope that you will expand the package. The items which are apparently intended to be added will be very useful. Thanks again.
Jeffrey Sheldon, Electrical Engineer, Parsons Brinckerhoff, New York, NY

I have enjoyed and benefited from using the EDR program. It is a really fast reference point for me and the staff in my company, also it helps with determining special troubleshooting solutions. Thanks for the opportunity to have such sponsoring vendors.
Gary Sutton, Co-Owner of Norris Electrical Services,

I think the programs that you have to date are very good. We use them and have informed others about them as well.
Ward Stahmer, Vice President, Toering Electric Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan

EDR is one of the tools that I frequently use in my work. I am a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer working as a power system designer and electrical facilities engineer for a large petrochemical complex in south Louisiana. I use it as a quick check for design changes where voltage drop is an issue. The conversions are always handy in my daily work. I look forward to your continued development of the program. Thank you,
K. K. Welshons, PE., Electrical Engineer, Norco Refining, Norco, LA

I have been an Electrical Designer for over ten years. The EDR modules have been a tremendous help in getting projects done on time. I would be hard pressed to find a program that I would rather use. Thank you for your efforts in providing this software.
William Stevens, Electrical Designer, Palucci Engineering, P.C., Syracuse, NY

The program is working great! I would like to know what future modules are being considered. Keep up the great work!
Charles Brigance, Electrical Designer, Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Houston, TX

I have been using the EDR modules in my job for almost six months now since I  subscribed. It's a very useful tool in my job. I have introduced the modules in the office already and my fellow engineers are learning it fast. There will be more users in our group. Thanks for the very useful tool which is by far the best I've used.
Fernando San Buenaventura, Electrical Engineer, Project Consultants Inc., Santa Clara, CA

There is no place on the web (or on earth) where electrical design practitioners can go for the kind of information provided by the EDR.
Michael A. Anthony, PE. , Senior Electrical Engineer, University of Michigan

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